Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week Highlight - Dr. Doucette (Hugh Mercer Elementary School Principal)

Photo of Dr. Doucette from HMES.
Photo of Dr. Doucette from HMES.

As part of Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week, we are highlighting all our principals with a Q and A session to give you some more insight into who they are, and what they do. Please enjoy the following from Hugh Mercer Elementary School Principal Dr. Doucette;

What inspired you to choose education for your profession?

"Both of my parents were amazing educators!  As a little girl, I was able to join my dad at school during teacher workdays. I vividly remember pretending to teach his students at his chalk board.  I was also fortunate to have my mom as my Sunday school teacher and director.  Both of my parents modeled the importance of school and learning new things.  I never wanted to do anything else as a grown up."

What do you most enjoy about being a principal?

"I adore our students and our amazing Patriot community.  I truly enjoy getting to know each learner and every family.  It is a thrill to see teachers foster the lightbulb moments that occur when students learn new things. I also love that no day is ever the same; each has opportunities for me to learn and grow.  Moreover, I enjoy working together as a team to support all of our stakeholders."

What do you want your students to know about you or, in general, that you feel is important for them to know?

"I want our students to know that I think they are amazing!  Patriots, I believe in you.  I'm proud of each of you and thrilled to be part of your team.  When you work together with your family, teachers, and school team, the sky is the limit.  I'm here to help however I can.

Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to hear. (Example, favorite food that people might not think you eat, hobby that you have that would surprise people, etc.)

"I have many favorite things, so I'll share just a handful.  I love seafood and sushi.  I also am crazy about mac and cheese!  My favorite place is the beach.  No matter the weather, I love sitting on the sand, listening to the ocean, with my family.  A fun fact about me is that I began my teaching career at Hugh Mercer in room 6 in 1997.  Since then I've worked in four school divisions and every school within FCPS before coming "home" to HMES.  My kindergarten students and I painted the mural of  children in the front office almost 24 years ago!"