Incoming 6th Graders: Beginner Band Try-Outs

Big 6 flyer for Beginner Band tryouts.

Attention all incoming 6th graders for Walker Grant Middle School. You must sign-up for a slot to do a beginning band instrument test.  Please only sign-up for one slot. Please note below the button for the sign up form, and a letter with information about the band program and its tryouts.

"Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to the Walker Grant Middle School Band Program! You are receiving this letter because your student selected band for their elective this upcoming school year. To prepare for the upcoming year, I will need to do an instrument testing on your student. Instrument testing is when the student selects 3 instruments (not just one) they are interested in playing and I do the actual testing to see what the best fit for them is. There are many factors that affect what instrument someone plays. For example, someone might want to play trombone or saxophone, but their arms are not long enough. There are other physical features that could affect the selection of an instrument. The only way I can fit them is by having them come in person so I can physically assess them to see what works or what does not work. I have created an online time slot (located on the WGMS website) for you to sign-up for your student’s testing. You only need to sign-up for one slot. The two testing dates are Tuesday, July 18th and Thursday, July 20th and will go from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on both days. It is important to get the testing done. The band set-up is done by instrumentation numbers. For example, if I have 142 beginners, I cannot have more than 15 flutes (anymore would not balance out the program). There is a select number for each instrument, so it is important for you to have them assessed on one of these dates. If they are not assessed, the director will decide on the instrument selection. I am so excited to have your student in the Walker Grant Middle School Band Program!

**All testing will take place at Music & Arts located at:

1885 Carl D. Silver Parkway

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Reba Ortiz

Walker Grant Middle School Band Director"

Sign-up Form