Homework Survey Results

Flyer for homework survey results, info in post.
Flyer for homework survey results, info in post.

FCPS Homework Survey, Fall 2022.

FCPS staff, families, and the FXBG community were asked to complete a homework survey to gather feedback regarding FCPS Policy IKB and FCPS Regulation, IKB-R which outlines the homework expectations for our students.

No topic had significant difference of opinions between FCPS staff and community.

363 responses were collected, 88 from students, 247 from families, 24 from staff, and 4 from other. 

On average, families believe their child gets just the right amount of homework. (K-2 had a score of 2.6 roughly on a scale of 1-5 [1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree] on that question, 3-5 had a 3.3 roughly, 6-8 had a 2.5 roughly, and 9-12 had a 2.5 roughly). 

FCPS families, students,

and staff agree:

  • Students who participate in after school activities (including, athletics, clubs, jobs, sibling care) should not be excused from completing homework
  • Homework should not be assigned over holidays or extended breaks.

Every topic on the survey averaged a neutral response

except in the following instances:

FCPS staff feel strongly (>4.0) :

  • Teachers should determine whether they need to assign homework
  • Homework is assigned for practice or review and is easily understood

FCPS staff do not believe (<2.0) :

  • Families should decide if their child completes homework.
  • Students should receive homework everyday.

Item that is included in current practices that may need to be reconsidered due to lack of support from staff and community (1.8):

  • Students in advanced courses should receive significantly more homework.