Football Game Announcement for Tonight

Flyer for football announcement post, info in posting.

This week, there was a Stafford student social media post that was created and shared by as many as five students. That post has led to widespread responses in our local area. These responses, primarily centered in Stafford, have the possibility of being carried out at our football game. There are threats being investigated by law enforcement.

We have been in close contact with Fredericksburg City Police and Stafford Sheriff’s Office.

The specific comment has stirred personal reactions. We do not believe this matter can be resolved in a way for both teams and community to come together at this time for healthy competition.

Stafford High School has forfeited tonight’s football game. Therefore, there will be no event this evening and the game will not be rescheduled.

Law enforcement and area school systems prioritize community safety and take every threat of violence seriously.